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There are many comic series that make up the Earth-626 Marvel Universe. Here are the ones currently being played.

The Sensational X-Men

This is the longest running series. Currently starring Brett Cool and Claire St. John as they struggle to adjust to their new roles as teachers and heroes at the newly opened west coast campus of the Xavier-Lehnsherr School of Higher Learning.

The New Nova Corps

From the ashes of the destruction of the Old Corps during THE ANNIHILATION WAVE, the XANDARIAN WORLDMIND has begun to establish a New Nova Corps through the Galactic Sectors of the universe. This comic stars Angelica Benton as the Nova Centurion of Galactic Sector 2814; the Milky Way Galaxy.

Corporations and Organizations

Corporations/Organizations are special kinds of “teams” active throughout the Marvel Universe.

Corporations may be created as an Unlockable [15 XP] to provide helpful Distinctions or Resources for player characters.

Corporations may be used like characters handled by one or more players. In this case their Business Resources also double as a kind of Stress Tracks. Corporations may act during Transition Scenes.

For instance: Stane International could try to take over another company by buying up shares on the stock market. Stane would attack the company’s Business Resource by rolling one of his company’s Distinctions (as a D8) in combination with its Business Resource and his/the character’s own Business Specialty. If Stane’s total exceeds the total of the defending company it deals D6 Financial Stress against the company. If the Financial Stress ever exceeds the company’s Business Resource, that company is stressed out. If the company to be taken over becomes “Stressed Out” by such an attempt, it becomes one of Stane’s Subsidiaries.

Corporations can try to manipulate or sabotage other Resources of rival companies as well.

Corporations could also create Assets for themselves or other corporations, or create Complications against other companies and even against characters (for instance: legal Complications with a Crime Resource).

PC created Corporations and Organizations

NPC Corporations and Organizations

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