Shaw Industries enjoyed many ties to the U.S. government, producing weapons for the military agencies.

Among the company’s defense contracts was the assignment to upgrade the Sentinel robots. Later Shaw Industries was secretly manufacturing Sentinels for use by Project: Wideawake. Shaw produced three models: Mark IV Sentinels, Mark V Sentinels and Mark VI Sentinels. None of these models proved to be as formidable as Mark II Sentinels.

Shaw continues to use the profits from his company to fund the Hellfire Club as well as the new Hellfire Academy.

  • Distinctions: Government Ties, Hellfire Club Connections, Sentinels
  • Resources: Business D10, Combat D10, Tech D10, Crime D8, Science D8

Founder: Sebastian Shaw
President: Sebastian Shaw
Corporate Headquarters: Shaw Tower. Las Vegas, Nevada. America.
Known Subsidiaries: Ebony Security Solutions, Hellfire Club Limited, Hellfire Academy.


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