new xandar island

After the events of THE ANNIHILATION WAVE and the destruction of THE XANDAR CLUSTER, the new homeworld of The Corps is now NEW GALADOR, the paradise world of ROM and his human wife BRANDY CLARK.

ROM has given THE WORLDMIND an entire island in the tropic regions as a new base for the Nova Corps.

THE WORLDMIND has begun construction and has named this island NEW XANDAR ISLAND and this has now become the official base of operations of the New Nova Corps.


  • there are 149 members in the new nova corps. (angelica will be the 150th)
  • the Worldmind categorizes the universe in “galactic sectors”. galactic sectors = galaxies.
  • each galactic sector has a Nova Corps Station House (a space station that orbits a M-class world.)
  • each Station House is run by a Station Chief. the Station Chief, on paper, is in charge of the Novas in that Galactic Sector.
  • each Station House is linked to all other station houses and to New Xandar Island by Quantum Tunnels (Q-Tunnels). this lets Novas travel to any galactic sector and/or NXI if they need to.
  • The Worldmind has mapped out all galactic sectors in its database and with that info all Novas can travel in Hyperspace, no matter if the galaxy they’re in has hyperspace beacons or not.
  • the Milky Way Galaxy is Galactic Sector 2814 ;) (which simply means it was the 2,814th sector the worldmind cataloged)
  • The Rigellians, long ago, constructed four Rigellian Stargates in the four different quadrants of the milky way galaxy to aid in travel. (Alpha Gate, Beta Gate, Gamma Gate, and Delta Gate). These gates allow instant travel to the other quadrants. But each gate can only be constructed around areas of space that have the potential to form natural wormholes.
  • Angelica’s Station Chief will be her Rigellian friend that went with her to The Twilight Galaxy; Tana Nile.
  • her partner will be Yondu Nu’var, a young male from Centauri IV.


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