After THE SHADOW KING possessed Professor Charles Xavier and used CEREBRA to amplify their combined mental powers to take over the minds of every mutant on Earth and had every mutant hero commit massive acts of terrorism, in the aftermath, mutant/human relations entered a new, rocky era.

The XAVIER INSTITUTE was exposed as the secret base of the X-Men. The SENTINEL INITIATIVE was reinstated. Professor X lost his vast mental powers. Magneto was badly injured containing The Mutant in Room X beneath Muir Island, so much so that use of his powers takes him one step closer to either burning them out or killing himself.

Sensing that the time had come for them both to step aside, Xavier and Magneto have “stepped off the stage” and left. They know it’s time for this generation to find their own way.

As such, they have left their “last instructions” to both of their camps. For Xavier that means, now that the school is public, it’s time for it to be a school. And not just one school, but the first of a global branch of schools to teach mutants. For Magneto, it means no more living apart from the world.

To showcase this, the new Headmistress of Xavier’s, Jean Grey (who also lost her telepathic powers during the Shadow King Incident but still has her TK), decides that, in this brave new world, that all the “old walls” must be torn down. As such, she welcomes any of Magneto’s Acolytes to the school and renames the school the Xavier-Lehnsherr School of Higher Learning. Any mutant in the world that wants to come to a safe place to learn about themselves and their powers are welcome.

The X-Men are shifting from super-hero roles to more of a mutant search and rescue team.

The world has changed.

But the only constant is change. Something the children of the atom know all too well.


MARVEL HEROIC ADVENTURES of EARTH-626 williampatrickbutler