The Defiant

Naboo-class Shi'ar Imperial Scout Ship



Shi’ar Imperial Scout Ship
Fast & Agile
The Defiant

Power Sets

Cosmic Senses D10, Superhuman Durability D12, Self-Repair D10, Sub-Space Communications D10, Superhuman Reflexes D10, Space Flight D12

Cooltech Self-Repair Unit. Spend a Plot Point to repair any ship power trait that hasn’t been shutdown and to remove or step-back ship stress. If [Self-Repair] gets stepped back to a D6 or less, shutdown this sfx.
Cooltech Stealth Unit. Spend a Plot Point to gain a D8 Covert asset for the remainder of the scene.
Raise Shields! Spend a Plot Point to double [Superhuman Durability] for the remainder of the scene. If [Superhuman Durability] gets stepped back to a D6 or less, shutdown this sfx.

Piloted Vessel. Your ship takes stress separately from you & is destroyed by taking more than D12 stress. Anyone opposing a roll made using an [IMPERIAL SCOUT SHIP CONSTRUCTION] power may use the ship’s stress or the pilot’s stress.


Naboo-Class Imperial Scout ships are manufactured by the Naboo Mega-Corporation specifically for the Shi’ar Royal Houses.

This Imperial Scout ship was given to Brett Cool of Earth as a gift by Majestrix Lilandra of the Shi’ar Empire for his bravery during the Annihilation Wave War.

Cool has made extensive modifications to his new ship. He’s added a Cooltech Self-Repair Unit and Stealth Suite.

He’s also ripped out the hyperdrive and replaced it with a warp drive so he can travel the Milky Way Galaxy. (unknowingly breaking the Inter-Galactic Accords).

The Defiant

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