The company that would become known as the multinational conglomerate CoolTech Industries started off as just the humble Johnson Heating & Air Company.

Johnson Heating & Air was started by Brett Cool’s parents; Montgomery Johnson and Tia Li Johnson. Upon their deaths, Brett Cool inherited the company.

Using business savvy, his connections with Tony Stark, and his own growing 12th Level Intellect, Cool transformed his parents minor heating and air company to a multinational conglomerate that specialized in cutting edge technology.

After the economic devastation that was done when the Ultron Virus was released, Cool lost his fortune and CoolTech Industries.

But Brett Cool isn’t a quitter and it’s only a matter of time before CoolTech lives again.

(the following stats are from when CoolTech was still in existence)

  • Distinctions: Multinational Conglomerate, State-of-the-art Tech
  • Resources: Business D10, Tech D10, Science D10, Vehicle D10

Founder: Montgomery Johnson and Tia Li Johnson
President: Brett Cool
Corporate Headquarters: Cool Towers. Manhattan, New York. America.
Known Subsidiaries: n/a


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