The Roxxon Energy Corporation is one of the largest fuel conglomerates around the world, which generates billions of dollars in profits each year with their business extraction, refining and manufacturing of products related to oil, through its many holdings.

Like any business enterprise, the goal of Roxxon is to increase their profits, and it is not clear that all its businesses are entirely legitimate, in fact, Roxxon has been involved in many activities morally questionable or illegal, but this fact is unknown to most consumers in Roxxon, and the general public.

  • Distinctions: Corporate Superhuman Assets, Global Industrial Superpower, Profits Justify the Means
  • Resources: Business D12, Media D10, Science D10, Tech D10, Vehicle D10

Founder: Hugh Jones
President: August D’Angelo
Corporate Headquarters: One Roxxon Plaza. Manhattan, New York City. America.
Known Subsidiaries: Blackridge Security, Brand Corporation, Cybertek, Metrobank, Republic Oil and Natural Gas, WYDY Television


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